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A checklist of hotel rooms to do an appraisal. http://www.hotelroomappraisal.com/hotel-room-appraisal-checklist-or-any-type-of-lodging/index.php

I have added to the list of unacceptable problems in Hotels? http://www.hotelroomappraisal.com/list-of-unacceptable-hotel-problems/index.php

I know that \clim\... Room #5 at the cornor in hotel Beau séjour. For 5500F (11$) you can expect much.

Hi Andy,
are you still in your illusions about life in Africa? - Just accept reality!
Did you not say that Kara is the best place in the world? Then you have to admit that it was an illusion after all.


Try this place http://www.togo-tourisme.com/hotel/hotel-kara-togo.php

Ask for Jean.

Tell em Chuck sent you.

Chuck WoW

Hi Andy,
always fun to read your blog!
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Stay Cool Andy

Travel safely and hope your father fares well too.

Andy, I wish you safe journey.

Alakuko, this is good, to avoid duping we need to listen to our inner voice. And the hotel have an advantage, we are normally tired from a long trip, and we want to rush, we want to go fast, get the room and rest.

Generally, to just get the room the first night, then look for a better Hotel or room the next day is another method.

To avoid being duped in any hotel,rely on your instinct,ask yourself this question inwardly is this room meant for me or good for me.instinct does not lie.do not rush and do not allow anybody to rush you.

Have you really gotten $10/night in the United States? Typical weekly rent is $160 tax included in the cheaper towns of the west (like Reno which is my homebase), or about $23/night tax included. For one night, I seldom get a rate below $35/night tax included. Also, I dont feel comfortable bargaining at these rates. Motels at those rates are barely profitable and pushing them further will put them out of business, and then there is nowhere to stay.

For France, 20â?¬/night is typical bottom rate in small towns, and 30â?¬ in larger cities. Anything lower, and youll almost certainly get bedbugs. I dislike paying for a week in advance because noisy neighbors might move in. Probably could get the rate down by a few â?¬ by paying advance though. 20â?¬ is about $27 right now.

For Spain, 10â?¬/night is typical bottom rate in small towns of the poorer areas, and 20â?¬ in larger towns or richer areas. As with the United States, Id be hesitant to push the hotels down much below the rates just listed, because they are already on the verge of bankruptcy and I dont want to see fewer hotels available. Further, the hotel owners will strongly resist bargaining down from these rates, at least in the tourist hotels. And yes, for a white United States citizen to bargain down from these rates will have you labelled as a miserable cheapskate and Ugly American. I would not like to be labelled as such myself, given how generous the Spanish can be, even in the current recession. For example, a bartender where I had a sandwich yesterday offered me a free sample of the local specialty liqueur. Imagine if I had tried to bargain with him about the price of the sandwich (3.60â?¬ including soft drink)! As with France, if you are willing to sleep in the immigant hotels, with people sleeping on the floor everywhere and even people sleeping in the stairwells and bedbugs and filthy toilets, you can get better rates. Also as with France, you can get better rates for a week in advance, but I like to keep on the move rather than locking myself down for a week, plus theres the issue of possible noisy neighbors. 10â?¬ is about $14 at current rates and 20â?¬ about $27. 25â?¬ in a small Spanish town gets a room with American style full private bath and immaculately clean and probably a nice view. Unlike cheap American motels, which douse the beds with stinky chemicals and have carpets to pick up odors and dirt, Spanish motels use plain bleach for cleaning and dry everything in the sun, so there is no smell, and the floors are usually marble, which is easily cleaned with soap or bleach, so no smell there. Cheap American motels are prodigal with heating and air-conditioning and hot water, whereas the Spanish motels are much more frugal about energy use. But Id rather have a clean but cold room than a warm room that stinks of cleaning chemicals and filthy carpets. Also, some American people are pigs and stink up the mattresses hopelessly, whereas there are few native-born Spanish people like that. Compare the clientele in a greyhound station in the United States, which is like a refugee camp for wretched of the universe, to the clientele in a typical spanish bus station, which is like the clientele at the airport, and youll see what I mean.

I be surprised if you can find anything near $10 in England or Switzerland or most of Germany and Netherlands. Standard rates in small towns in Greece were 20â?¬ when I was there in 2007. Sometimes I was offered at rate of 10â?¬. As with Spain, Id be relucatant to bargain at those prices, especially since I didnt speak Greek well enough to bargain well. That said, I think Greece was way overpriced at those prices and the hotel owners knew it in their hearts. Most of these grew up in a time when even 10â?¬ would have been considered expensive for one night. However, I suspect that the government squeezes the hotels hard with taxes and licenses, so that they dont get to keep all of the 20â?¬ they charge. I have no idea what is happening now in Greece, but I would imagine 20â?¬ is still the going rate, with 10â?¬ as rock-bottom for tourist quality hotels (shared bath at those rates).

Greetings Andy,

This is interesting and I have tried it at times. It works well in China in general but what about countries other than poorer countries like in Africa, Asia?
Ive tried it in Europe and it works at some hotels but after checking the rooms I decided no way would I stay there.
But nice and clean hotels stuck to their basic prices and this was true in the off season.

What about Austrailia and So. America in big cities, etc?


In my experience, the service I receive at any establishment is directly related to my own friendliness. Starting a conversation with Good day, isnt it just ANOTHER beautiful day in paradise? works wonders( in a Paradise, of course). One tip given by a cranky (relatively) Customs Officer was to greet the person and establish that bit of rapport before doing business. I cant count the numbers of times after Id had a pleasant transaction with a shopkeeper that the next customer got a cold reception because they just jumped into business. Tis a tip that seems to work at home, too.

I agree that Germany has very friendly and helpful staff. They will go out of their way to help you but you also have to be friendly not demanding as some people are.

They will have no time to help people who try to make demands.

China staff are generally helpful and courteous but not what I would call friendly. They are very business oriented.

This is a good reminder video. I often forget about this feature when I travel.