Tipping The Hotel Maid Or Paying Extra to Clean

You can really improve the quality of a Hotel room by supervising and paying the maid to clean better than normal.

Tipping the Hotel Maid

There are rooms that are not adequately cleaned when I move into the Hotel.
“Then do not move into the room.”

Tipping the maid

The neighborhood is more important to me, than the Hotel, nothing worst than having groups of people hanging around outside my Hotel wanting to fleece me. I choose friendly staff, friendly neighbors, and security, after I choose the neighborhood; there is a limited number of Hotels in the area.

I only get a Hotel reservation 1 in 100 times, which is like buying a pig in a poke.

Bonus Tip for Cleaning Better than Normal

I am going to start offering money to cleaning staff to clean behind the TV, to clean the windows, to use scouring powder on the bathroom floor.

I want the cleaning person to make my Hotel room special, never just accept what a Hotel gives you, do not just live with it, the life of luxury is about expecting the best, and getting it.

Europeans continually say,
"Americans spoil the market." 
If you are a person who says,
"I always tip the maid."

Please try to understand the European point of view, they want to get their moneys worth, not give a tip because it is expected. Tipping does indeed spoil the market, the maid, worker, waitress expect a tip, and stop working extra for a tip.

Thank you,
Andy Graham

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