The Left Hotel Does Not Know What the Right Hotel is Doing

Because the right Hotel does not know what the left Hotel is doing, they price of room can be over-valued or undervalued.

Price has nothing, or almost nothing to do with the quality of a Hotel room, and the Five Star systems and Hotel Reviews is gamed. How owners of Hotels set the prices of rooms is seldom logical, and more along the lines of,
"What do you think we can get away with?"

Hotel Convention

For instance, large Hotels in the USA will quote one price when you telephone them that is high, and then allow people using Internet booking sites to get great discounts. It is a rather unjust game, and not competitive.

Just because two Hotels are priced the same - does not mean they are the same. They both can have the same price, and completely different list of benefits to the consumer. Just because a Hotel cost more does not mean it is better.

And, the great thing for consumers is,
"The Left Hotel Doesn't Know What the Right Hotel is Doing."

I often stay in Hotel's for a month at a time, then while living in one Hotel I will go around visiting many of the other Hotels in the area. My goal is to upgrade the quality, while downgrading the price. After a week inside a Hotel, I know more or less the reasons the Hotel is good or bad, and this helps me evaluate the other room. I do not trust my sense's Hotels have many hidden problems, at the time I visit, it is possible:

1. The noisy bar was closed.

2. The noisy Church or Mosque next door is not in session.

3. The construction crews have not yet come to work at the Hotel.

4. Who knew 100 Missionaries has a reservation to invade the Hotel next week?

And, often I ask other people living in the Hotel, and they just are not willing to say,
"I made a bad decision."
Therefore, they say, "The Hotel is great."
After all, they are only in the Hotel for two days, they have no stake in the Hotel, only in their own self-esteem.

It is not easy to make a decision about Hotels.

What doe this mean?
"The Left Hotel Doesn't Know What the Right Hotel is Doing."

It means, the owner of the Hotel on the left has never went and visited the Hotel on the right. The owners set their prices by this rational,
"What can we get away with?"

Online Internet booking reservations is the best way for Hotels to get away with over-pricing rooms. While, a person who comes to the city with a Lonely Planet Guidebook, then inspects 3-5 Hotels before renting; has the ability to compare. But even guidebook writers are fooled 50-90 percent of the time, although they are generally better, often they have silly priorities, their are whole countries where the LP guidebook writer was horrible.

For example, the site normally celebrates Hostels in Europe that have the biggest parties, and biggest pile of drunk kids, and probably are selling their rankings to the highest bidder. There is no oversight, no way to keep the Hospitality industry in check, the industry thrives on the concept of,
"What can we get away with!"


Often good people, good owners will under price their Hotel rooms because they have a bad marketing plan, while the Hotels with the slick marketing plans will overprice their rooms.

Look around, always compare Hotels, and look for two things.

1. How long are people staying? If the Hotel has monthly residents, then most likely the prices are better --- by the month. Negotiate prices after you have looked at 3-7 Hotels.

2. Is there major problems with the Hotel? It is incredibly the amount of Hotel residents that rent Hotel room on busy streets. Try to remember what people are work say about their new house purchase,
"It is on a quiet street, with not many cars."

This is the same for Hotels, it should be on a quiet street, with not many cars, especially for Hotels less than five stories high. Yes, a hotel that is 100 stories high can be quiet in the middle of chaos, and in a very convenient location.

A person living in a Hotel for two days is incapable of knowing how the Hotel compares to other Hotels. The owners of Hotels on the left, seldom enters the Hotels on the right, and they do not even send in spies. Therefore, it is possible to rent a room that is incredibly undervalued because the owner does not know what they have, and underestimate the value.

Have fun, and you are right, if you are renting a room for two days, and the Hotel room is along your budget, you are not going to be hurt.

Yes, a reservation for two days is a good idea, a reservation for a month is a horrible idea, walk around in the area, appraise many hotels before you rent for a month. And don't be shy, find the best room in the Hotel, and move rooms if there is a problem, do not accept owners decisions, they know that tourists are naive, they work under the policy of,
"What can we get away with?"

Good, honest, and friendly trusting people are taken advantage of, and the greedy, selfish, mean, and often bad residents live in the good rooms and get the best deals.


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