Percentage of Friendly Hotel Staff by Country Or Region

I have lived in over 1000 Hotels in 15 years of perpetual travel and 90 countries.

Percentage of Friendly Hotel Staff by Country or Region

A friendly Hotel worker helps you because he or she feels it is the right thing to do, it has nothing to do with money, the person is naturally friendly. It is more important the cleaning staff is friendly, then the receptionist, or manager. The cleaning staff does all the work, and truly what I want it a friendly maintenance man, which is often hard, if not impossible to find in Hotels.

Hotels should never be busy, people that are too busy, are too busy to be friendly, they say, “I have work to do.”
Yet, the work of a Hotel is to make you feel at home… hehehe
(Only in my dream hotel.)

It is hard to know how friendly the Hotel staff is 2-3 days, and this alone is a reason why 98 percent of Hotel reviews are irrelevant, of no true value. Couple this with 90 percent of people sleeping in the Hotels on the planet are tourists, or business people, who leave in the morning and return at night. They did not have enough personal contact with the staff to even know if the Hotel was friendly, or just smiled for the money.

8 dollar Hotel

The courtyard area of my 8 dollar room in Lome, Togo. The owner uses the gazeebo to entertain friends, and he has many friends.

Hotel Room Reviews
The real Hotel answers you want is, do you, or would you I like the Hotel Room? What I think about a Hotel, or what you think is not really important, the important thing is you, not me. In a way, you need to find another human those shares close to the same value systems. One person wants only a party, the other reads books all day, what is hell to one person, is heaven to another.

I am in my Dream Hotel in Lome, Togo
For example, I am in Togo, West Africa, and the owner of the “Hotel Rooms,” is great. In many ways, this is the type of Hotel I dream of on the planet. Why? Because everyone working here in this big compound house property is happy to help, or be my friend. There is nobody working here that is sad, mad, or giving me disgusting looks. All the people inside his living area are happy, content, and excited to talk, and share time with people living here.

I move out of hotels with management that gives me looks of disgust, like,
“Why are you bothering me?”

India is the worst, and for me, Germany is the best.

India - 80-90 Percent (Cannot be bother to say hi, or be friendly.)
West Africa 80-90 Percent
Caribbean 80-90 Percent
East Africa 70-80 Percent
Southeast Asia 70-80 Percent
Middle East 70-80 Percent
Europe 50-60 Percent
Central America 50-60 Percent
South America 50-60 Percent
Oceania / Australia - I do not know
France 60-70 Percent
England 50 Percent
USA 50 Percent
Germany 40-50 Percent (Cannot be bother to say hi, or be friendly.)

If you look at my opinion statistic above, then you can see, West Africa is difficult place for Hotels, one must be extra vigilant, and work harder, but you cannot pay money to find friends.

This is really sad, because this is called the,
“Hospitality Industry.”
Hotels are supposed to be hospitable.

Being friendly is a service that cost nothing for the Hotel to provide, but is rare, in reality, less than 5 percent of Hotels are friendly.

I average 15 days per Hotel, my Goal is 30 days.

Why is it important the Hotel staff is friendly?

I live on average in the same Hotel from 10-45 days, but right now in West Africa, I am planning to spend 15 days in each landed Hotel. It is hard to calculate time spent in Hotels, I often move into the first Hotel for 1-2 days, then move into a more friendly, and better hotel for 10-20 days.

People that are friendly when I enter, I learn later are ugly people, greedy, it is amazing how many owners of hotels treat their staff in spiteful and mean ways.

What is heaven, is a happy, friendly, maintenance man, who is at the Hotel daily. The only time I have even encountered this, is when the owner of the Hotel is also the maintenance person.

The smaller the Hotel, or Bed and Breakfast, the more likely you are going have a friendly staff.

100 percent booked Hotels are not friendly, the owner is overworked, and burned out.

The manager or owner of the Hotel should always be free to talk, mingle, and be friendly with guest, if this person is busy, that is not friendly. Friends have time for friends, the job of the owner is to be hospitable, to make the place a home.

Why is my Lome, Togo Hotel - GREAT - FRIENDLY?

Well, it is more of a Bed and Breakfast, or you could say, I am living in the guest room of an estate property. The owner worked for the Togo government in the past, he is retired, has plenty of time, and therefore spends his days entertaining his friends, and reading.

Then, because the West African labor is so cheap, he has three full time workers to take care of him, and his house. This staff is the most under worked, and free to do as they want staff I have ever met. He gives them almost zero things to do, in many ways, I give them more work than he does. He treats them like sons and daughers, and they call him “Papa.”

The owner lives in the 3 bedroom house. And, I am living in 1 of the 2 private rooms to the side of the house, they are not connected, and I have my own deck area, with a table.

Is this what I want? Not really, I want to live in a Hotel, with guests who are staying for months, and with the same, under worked staff. Living in a hotel is about people, it is having enough people around you for a good conversation, and hopefully someway to jettison the guest or staff that are too busy out of the hotel.

I would love to be in a 50 room Hotel with friendly staff, who throw out the noisy, party people. The more people the better, providing the walls are soundproof, noise is always an issue.

Many times, in Europe, South America, Central America, and many countries on the planet, the owner cannot fire the worker. He or she must pay up to 25 percent of the year’s wages to fire the staff that has become complacent, or downright grumpy, with burnout. This is why, older hotels are often impossible to live in, the staff has taken over the Hotel, it is hopeless.

The best Hotel on the planet, is less than one year old, has less than 10 rooms, and is prices under 15 dollars per night. If you pay more, you are talking a made-to-make money hotel, and not a home away from home.

The wages of a person in Togo is 440 dollars per year, it is absurb to think of paying more than that for a room 14 x 14 feet!

Test your Hotel for friendliness?

How many people in the Hotel have been living in the Hotel for longer than 10 days?

If the answer is zero, then the hotel is probably a zero.

My present neighbor in the Lome, Togo Hotel appears to be living here for months. Generally, Couch Surfing could be the best, or a boarding house, but never forget you need a certain amount of new or old friends to be happy living abroad.

Take care, and beware, if you enter the Hotel, and the receptionist, owner, or manager does not greet you, then maybe you accidentally enter the wrong Hotel.

Is there a person who is the “concierge?” Try to understand this word, and life become better each day.

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I agree that Germany has very friendly and helpful staff. They will go out of their way to help you but you also have to be friendly not demanding as some people are.

They will have no time to help people who try to make demands.

China staff are generally helpful and courteous but not what I would call friendly. They are very business oriented.

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