My Dream Travel Job as Hotel Critic by Andy Graham

This is my dream travel job, I could travel from country to country, and stay in Hotels that really care to become the best Hotel, and less lip service.

My Dream Travel Job as Hotel Critic by Andy Graham

Generally, travel writers write articles in exchange for a free room in the resort; this is something I consider problemantic, it is just not me. I am not for sale, and that is what the Hotel wants, to buy a travel writers recommendation.

Travel Job dream

I am Andy Graham, and I have lived in over 1000 hotel rooms in 15 years of perpetual world travel.

This video below explains my dream travel job, and a way to help Hotels improve, and prove they care, really care, not just lip service.

Watch the video below, and ask yourself,
“Which hotel is better?”
“The one that has a travel writer come, celebrate and romanticizes it in exchange for a free room?”
“The Hotel that calls up a Hotel critic to create a long punch out list of ways to improve?”

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