List Of Unacceptable Hotel Problems

Our collection of hotel problems, serious ones, you can refuse to check into the Hotel. Add ideas in comments.

 Bad Hotel

The art of finding a room, a hotel room, a place to sleep, is first knowing what is unacceptable. I know many people think that I will live anywhere, and sleep anywhere, I am actually the extremely particular traveller.. All of the things that are listed below, are things that I've encountered,  and what amazes me,  is some of the most popular hotels, are completely unacceptable to me.  Austin, hotels, are like wives or husbands, when a person falls in love with the person, they forgive everything, endlessly,  Love, allows people to overlook Dreadful problems, and I've been 7 years later, there's a divorce. We hope that you can keep your head about you, when you walk into one of the most beautiful rooms you've ever seen. The bed-and-breakfast inside the United States are often the worst rooms possible. ,Yet, people forgive them because they like the family that rooms. Here is my list of unforgivable, unacceptable, problems, where I hold the owner, the manager, personally responsible for the incredible problems they have. I've never met a room, with all these problems,  lany one of these problems is a reason to not rent the room. Please, go slow, think of something that you refuse to live with, that is unacceptable, that you will not tolerate under any condition. What is amazing always to me is people will pay for a room, and refuse to lose the money.

List Of Unacceptable Hotel Problems

1. Owners entry into our room, when there is a sign posted on door handle not to enter.

2. Hotels requiring you leave passport with them at reception.

3. Construction site, working on remodeling job, or construction in your room that takes longer than 30 minutes. They should move you to another room, even if more expensive, and at the same price.

4. Bed bugs, or no-see-ums, all other insects are normal.

5. Dogs or cats enter your hotel room, or other pets.

6. We take the sheets off the bed, or the pillowcase, and very dirty.

7. Gum stuck on floor, old gum, hardened.

8. Restaurant or bar right outside your room.

9. Hotels that hang keys behind receptionist.

10. Angry, mean, or thieving staff of Hotel.

11. 3 tour buses in front of Hotel.

12. Hotel is target of terrorist attacks.

Thank you,

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