List of Hotel Problems

List of Hotel problems, and why a problems.

This is master list of all Hotel problems, all other list of Hotel problems propogate from this list.

Air Conditioner is noisy
Air Conditioners blows directly at bed.
Air Conditioners Blows directly at Bed or Eyes of person sleeping.
Air conditioning recycling same air, there is no fresh air in Hotel room.
Dog Cats and Chickens in Hotel.
Ants in Hotel room.
Bar in the Hotel noisy
Bed bugs in Hotel room.
Beggars enter into Hotel restaurant while eating.
Bums and beggars waiting in front of Hotel.
Business Center People are not Educated Sufficiently
Cancellation costs
Car of Truck Traffic
Car truck taxi motorcycle noise and traffic
Carpet Smells of Cat
Cat smells
Ceiling is too High and Air Conditioner does not Cool Room
Churches Mosques Make Noise
Commission paid sales people enter Hotel
Common Area Television is Occupied by Soccer of Football Viewers
Common Area to close to rooms.
Concierge Refuses to Arrange for Men or Women Lovers to come to Room
Condom found below bed - used
Construction for hotel started during high season.
Construction project in streets in front of hotel.
Construction project noise from neighbors.
Construction working being done at hotel or close.
Corrugate Tin roofs
Courtyard windows facing so you can hear TV People in other rooms
Curtains allow in too much sun
Curtains allow people to see in room at night.
Dirty Hotel
Drunks Coming in and Out of Dorm
Electrical Generator Noise
Failure to Speak English the Language of Business
Fan in Center of Ceiling does not Work
Fan in Center of Ceiling only has one speed
Fan in Center of Ceiling Squeaks
Fan in Center of Ceiling too Slow
Fleas in room
Floor Fan is Broken
Floor Fan is Missing Plug
Forced to Leave Hotel or Hostel During Day
Furniture is in wrong location.
Getting Special Assistants and Language assistants are sub-standard.
Group Rents the complete Hotel and makes noise or you have to move.
Hostels Have Special Problem
Hotel does not clean behind fridges.
Hotel does not clean below beds.
Hotel does not have hot water showers.
Hotel gave up on cleaning of Hotel.
Hotel Occupied by One Culture or Country and Dominate
Hotel shuts off water to room when you leave.
Hours Open is not Hours
Housecleaning ignores sign and clean room when sign posted to not clean
Inaccurate star rating
Inaccurate Star Rating (I see this as ludicrous there is no true standard of Stars for Rooms on the planet Stars are just an agreed upon Marketing Scheme.)
Lies or lying staff
Light Bulbs Burned Out
Light bulbs dim because of low enter for electricity
Lockers are not secure
Maintenance jobs take more than 12 hours to complete in occupied room.
Maintenance never done
Mice or Rats
Mini bar items uses the whole fridge
Mini bar scam
Missionaries make noise
Neighborhood has abnormal levels of trash.
Neighbors can climb over wall of hotel and enter to steal.
Never offer to clean the room or change the sheets
No booking on arrival possible No Business Center
No Closets
No Common Computer in the Lobby to Check Plane Tickets .
No Electrical Generator
No Electricity or Brown Outs
No Electricity or Brown Outs without generator backup.
No fresh air because of air conditioning and you have sinus or breathing problems.
No fresh air because of type of air conditioning and you have sinus or breathing problems.
No Hangers in Closet
No Health Center or Not Open at Sufficient Hours
No labels on hot or cold water there is no way to know on or off.
No Location in the Hotel to Read outside the Room
No Long Term Storage
No Mosquito Net
No Place to Park the Sailboat or Yacht
No Prices on Services
No Scales to Weigh Luggage
No security box big enough for computer or camera.
No See Ums in Room
No Shelves
No waste basket of bin in common areas.
No water pressure in Hotel shower.
No way to adjust air conditioning
No way to wash clothes and none provided
No way to wash clothes in Hotels and no easy solutions.
Noise coming from plumbing or sanitary pipes as water comes down from upper floors.
Noise from bar or restaurant
Noise from chickens
Noise from dogs barking or fighting
Noise from electrical generator
Noise from neighbors of Hotels.
Noise from other residents
Noise from people fighting outside Hotel room.
Occupied by business travelers government workers United Nations worker and living from Days The pivotal benefit to find is a Business Center and a wonderful view of something this is the level where luxuries are prevalent swimming pools and massage.
Occupied by normal tourists package tours and NGO'S staying from Days.
Occupied by resort tourist they are often not good at understanding or buying value and stay from Days This is the level where there is no reason to leave the Hotel or Resort all your needs should be met including laundry food and communication if you have to leave for any reason you are paying too much This includes to buy tours
Occupied by volunteers missionaries flashpackers NGO's and normal tourists that are traveling for less Days.
Over US Dollars per Day Luxury Days
Overbooked rooms
Overcharged for rooms
Overpriced phone charges
Owner comes to rooms of women or men to proposition for sex
Owner enters room to shut off lights
Owner enters room when you are not there
Paint - There is no paint on walls
Paint on floor
Paint on switches
Party by Residents in Hotel
Party noise
People arriving or leaving Hotel make noise and disrupt
People coming home from bars making noise.
People in Hostel dormitory rob you
People in Hotel are too old to be fun.
People in Hotel are too young to be Fun
People in the Dorm Having Sex
Permanent sag or dent in mattress
Plumbing Traps missing on Sink or Shower Drains
Poor Room Service
Receptionist Play Music or does other annoying behavior.
Receptionist playing music or do annoying behavior
Remote Control on Televisions does not work
Rock and Roll Bands
Rooms are not breathing they are so seal no fresh air enters and the new wall air conditioners do not allow.
Running Vehicles Parked outside of room
Screens on Windows to Stop Mosquitoes
Sex noises in Next Room
Sheets - no fitted sheets
Sheets - no top sheet
Sheets are dirty
Sheets are ripped or worn
Smells because no drain trap on sink or in shower
Smells of burning trash
Smells of cats
Smells of dogs
Smells of people in Hotel room.
Staff Does Not Arrange Taxis
Staff Does Not Arrange Taxis
Staff is indifferent and non-caring
Staff Robs all the Lockers
Staff Robs Backpack While forcing you to Leave for Day
Staff steals when cleaning the room
Staff steals when cleaning the room
Sub Standard restaurant
Sun shines into room and makes too hot in afternoon.
Taxis are Overpriced just outside door to Hotel and no way to get proper priced Taxes are not obvious
Taxis are Overpriced just outside door to Hotel and no way to get proper priced Taxi
The customer is always right is not understood by the local culture.
The Internet is extra charge and the cost is extremely expensive.
The pivotal benefit at this level is you will have extreme quiet peace and all the travelers nest needs should be serviced You should have air conditioning balcony and hour guard with weapons.
The pivotal benefit you must expect at this level is screens on windows and hot water if these two benefits are missing you should pay less than Dollars per night.
The problems above should disappear at higher price levels or maybe you are paying too much.
There is No Sign to Hang on Door Requesting Room to be Cleaned
There is no way to meet real locals the staff constantly channels you away from common people and lie.
Toilet Leaking Noise
Too far from infrastructure of city
Too far from infrastructure of city
Tour Buses with Large Groups Making Noise
Tour sales people come and knock on your Hotel door
Tour sales people hanging or waiting for you to leave in front of Hotel
Tour Sales People Hanging out in front of Hotel
Tourist Traps that are too close
Transom Above Door is Screen and Noise is Loud
Unhelpful staff
US Dollars per Day Resort Short Trips
Water drips and makes noise in toilet or restroom.
WIFI is not available in all locations in Hotel.
WIFI or Internet Access only in Common Areas
WIFI or Internet Access only in Common Areas or you need to pay.
WIFI shared by too many residents in Hotel
Windows - a person can put hand in and open door lock.
Windows cannot be shut
Windows dirty
Windows have no curtains
Windows have no screens or broken.
Windows on courtyard to hotel and the noise enters.
Women are told they cannot be Topless


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