Life Is Painful and My Hotel Room Sucks

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist.

Travel is living at the mercy of the innkeeper, and I am quite sure the owners of hotels are not going to Heaven because they allow me live in Hell on Earth, and without any signs of remorse.

Air Conditioner in Hotel

I encourage all world travelers to accept the following truths about hotels:

1. There is a maintenance man in all hotels.
2. In all hotels, the receptionist assures us that the maintenance man will fix it tomorrow.
3. Tomorrow is a day that never comes.

In my estimation, I have lived in over 1,000 hotels in my life, and each and every one had a maintenance man. His name was Andy Lee Graham.

I think there is no better proof of God than when there exists a reliable maintenance man in a hotel. That proof isn't often found.

“Moi problem du jour de l‘hotel”

As best I can tell, there is not enough electricity coming to my air conditioner unit, and it overheats and shuts down every 30 minutes. And to boot, the temperatures are reversed: 30 degrees is 17 and 17 is 30, so when I lower the temperature in the room, it gets hotter, not cooler.

How Does One Accept the Painful Experience of Hotel Life?

Accept that there never was and never will be a maintenance man and find a new room, either inside the hotel or in another hotel. We must find our own salvation inside a hotel. The innkeeper is surely the Devil with a smile.

Andy Lee Graham in Auberge Beau Sejour, Kara, Togo

PS: The price of this hotel is good for the crap I endure, but Hell would be overpaying for an expensive crap hotels. At the end of the day, the cheaper the hotel, the better the deal. There is no way to pay to save the soul of the innkeeper; he made a bargain with the Devil.



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Try this place

Ask for Jean.

Tell em Chuck sent you.

Chuck WoW


Hi Andy,
are you still in your illusions about life in Africa? - Just accept reality!
Did you not say that Kara is the best place in the world? Then you have to admit that it was an illusion after all.


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