5 Top Reasons to Live in 5 Star Hotel Chains

5 top reasons to stay in five star hotel chains, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Hyatt, Marriott or Ritz

Below I share five big reasons to stay in the Hilton, Sheraton, Hyatt, Marriot, Ritz or other five star hotel chain of our choice.

Five Star Hotel Chains

As a cultural traveler – one who wants learn the culture, customs, traditions and languages of people from other countries – I seldom stay in five star hotels.

However, here are five big reasons we may want to stay in five star hotel chains.

Two Types of Five Star Hotels

Predictable five star hotel chains – The topic of this article, these five star hotel chains are predictable: The rooms are generally going to give us the same amount of comfort in all countries. There is going to be WIFI, a restaurant, room service and all our usual creature comforts. At the five star hotel chains, we get what we expect, they are predictable. And these five-star hotels are going to give us Western toilets that work the same as at home.

Examples: Hilton, Sheraton, Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz

Unpredictable five star hotels – These include the one-of-a-kind, special, unique five star hotels where the hotels themselves are tourist attractions, places we go to splurge and pamper ourselves, living in luxury. These hotels attempt to be more glamorous and romantic, and they provide a better quality of life than how we live a home. These five star hotels are going to offer us massage and exotic things we would never dream of in our own home in the USA or Europe. This is exotic hotel living.

5 Top Reasons to Stay in Five Star Hotel Chains

1. Business travel The goal is to work, not to adapt to a new culture. When travelling for business, we need to keep our minds on the mission.

2. Short trips – For extremely short trips, such as one day, the reservation system of chain, such as Hilton, will work correctly. We are not going to get lost; the hotel will pick us up at the airport. There are systems in five star hotels chains; the chains understand what we need and give it to us.

3. Family reunions and weddings – Generally, this is a celebration of our loved ones and not the celebration of a tourist destination. We really do need to put our 90-year-old Uncle Harry in a five star hotel that guarantees him a good living standard. This is not mere luxury; it is a need.

4. Dangerous situations – There are times when countries erupt into violence, when there are national riots. Recently in Greece, for example, there were riots in the street. What should we do to protect ourselves in such a case? The easy answer is to check into a five star hotel chain and allow its staff to help us leave the country. The hotels are better prepared for such emergencies than we are.

5. Vacation from cultural travel – This is common, much more than you think. Many world travelers – or couples on around-the-world trips – check into five star hotels. Why? They need a break from culture shock, cultural fatigue and planning. Reading the map has taken its toll. It is time to stop thinking and just enjoy life for a couple of days – no fuss, no problems, just living the life of luxury away from having to make daily cultural adjustments.


As a rule of thumb, the shorter the trip, the more likely we should be staying in a five star chains, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz or the hotel chains of our choice.

Have fun. There is an art to culturally immersive travel, and we in the Hobo community thrive on it. But there also are times when a highly predictable, get-what-you-expect, five star hotel chain is just what we need.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

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