10 Degrees Fahrenheit Closer to Hotel Room Heaven

There are hotel room that are naturally cooler, you can choose a better room, you can design the hotel better, and make more money.

10 Degrees Fahrenheit Closer to Hotel Room Heaven

I am spoiled; it is hard for me to be happy with the weather, the climate, and the living conditions.

I once lived in the paradise climate, and the perfect Hotel.

Maybe the worst thing I ever did was live on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in the Hotel San Antonio, in San Pedro la Laguna.

At 1500 meters elevation there is no need for Air Conditioning or Furnaces. I was never too hot or too cold, I have been spoiled, and I am forever searching for the same perfect climate in other countries.

(Now, if Lake Atitlan, the silly place would outlaw old American hippies who believe they are smart, plus the Angry-at-America, but really want Make-it-America inside Guatemala abroad types. Then import Benin or Togo girls, the place would be the ultimate Paradise.)

Tonight, it is 2:06 am, my room here in Natitingou, Benin sort of overheated. I made a mistake, and closed the restroom window yesterday, that alone, one small window made my room a little too hot this night.

10 degrees

Modified, Treated, Change Air Conditioned Air SUCKS.

Again in Guatemala, at 1500 meters high, I got used to breathing fresh air, free of dust, dirt, and other problems, there was no air pollution to speak of on Lake Atitlan. The biggest problem is hippie dippies and sometimes noise pollution from Churches and disrespectful people with music.

I now work very hard to breathe fresh air, which is neither artificially heated nor cooled. I also do my darndness to not have a fan blowing into my eyes.

The FAN just stopped… Natitingou, Benin.
This is fun, I am sitting here typing, and because it is incredibly dry, I mean the clothes dry on the line in one hour here in Natitingou, I can open the hotel room door and no mosquitoes enter during the night hours. Well, I was 10 degrees too hot when I sat down to type, the fan was blowing down, and noisy, I truly do not like the sound of a fan. Well, I opened the door to my hotel room, and it is actually becoming too cool in my room. Then the electricity went off, there is a power outage, but this is great.

It is now quiet and perfect temperature inside the room, I have found Paradise in my Hotel room, natural Paradise, but really would love a screen door.

I am lucky to be here in Natitingou, Benin where the crime, theft, and violence is about a 0 on a 10 point scale. Again, if I had a sturdy screen door that locked, the Hotel room would be perfect. You tempt anyone long enough, and there is crime.

Sudden Temperature Changes ANNOY ME

Walking in an out of AC is a challenge to my body.

Generally in any 24 hour period, in the month of February here in Natitingou, I think only from 12:00 noon, until 5:00 does one want to hide in the shade. But, all it takes is shade, and the climate is comfortable, we have a large balcony here at the Hotel Bellevue, and many trees, my room is half under a tree. I chose the room specifically because it was half under a tree, with a grass roof, concrete walls, and three windows, this room is perfect, except I need a screen door, almost perfect I guess.

Natitingou, Benin is 10 degrees closer to Paradise than Lome, Togo but in the end, if I choose the correct hotel room in Lome can be the same. I can be in heaven in most Tropical Climates, but it is all about finding the correct hotel room. Strange as it sound, that is a very difficult task, because the Hotels do absurb things, like cut down all the trees, or sell the for firewood. Or even worst, price their room so they only have a 10 percent occupancy, and not 90, always going for the gouge, and not the nick.

Generally, no, I mean always, there is a need for tree shade, direct sunlight on a room is seldom a benefit. Yes, I like to wake to the sun shining into my room; it is soft, not sudden waking. Yet, how do I keep the sun off the windows. I realized in Cape Coast, in the Sammo Hotel, there was a balcony on the front, and the rear, and of my room, truly in a Hotel room, to have the sun shine directly on the window at anytime of the day is no good.

No trees, and on a major highway, thatt is Hotel Hell with Air Conditioning, when none is needed, but it the only way to stop the noise, and keep you from know the place suck.

It is quite astounding to me, how little architects take into consideration the sun, the trees, shade, and all the extra cost to cool with AC.

I live in a 12 dollars per night room, E-1 here in the Hotel Bellevue in Natitingou, Benin in the month of February.

The majority of the rooms in the city, maybe 90 percent need Air Conditioning to achieve the same comfort level because they have no trees. This is another 10-20 dollars per day the client needs to pay.

Or think of it this way, the client, the resident would turn off the AC, cut the electrical bill in half and the profits would grow, just by having shade trees, and the proper roofs.

All this is fun stuff, and because the general populace is unaware, and hoteliers often do not know one room is exceptionally comfortable. A savvy traveler can enter a Hotel, choose the best room in the Hotel, and not pay extra, and nobody realized he or she is living in the best room.

I have told a few hotel owners, go live in each of your rooms for one week, and optimize them, make needed modifations, this is 100 percent needed for Bed and Breakfast, nothing like sleeping in a room to know the problems.

NOTE: There was PHD pollution on Lake Atitlan, the “Post Hippie Dippies” people who were hippies in the 1960’s who never grew up. (This PHD coining is credited to R.S.)

The art of choosing a great hotel room can be learned.

Andy Graham
Hotel Bellevue Room E-1
Natitingou, Benin, West Africa

There is almost no crime in Natitingou, Benin West Africa, while Guatemala and all the Latino countries have rampant crime. There is an oversupply of pretty women here in Benin, while Lake Atitlan culture does not allow the local girls to associate with foreigners, plus the Mayan girls are sort of short and stumpy.

There is no utopia, but there are places, and hotels that are 10 degrees closer to heaven.

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