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Hotel Rooms are often over or under priced; this site is to allow travelers to appraise the true value of a Hotel room.

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Kpalime, Togo


Tampa Bay, FL, United States

Hotel Room Appraisal Latest

Life Is Painful and My Hotel Room Sucks

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist.

5 Top Reasons to Live in 5 Star Hotel Chains

5 top reasons to stay in five star hotel chains, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Hyatt, Marriott or Ritz

Duping Delight by the Hotels

We all deserve a good hotel room, whether we are smart or dumb, rich or poor, yet the hotel travel industry has duping delight on steroids.

My Dream Travel Job as Hotel Critic by Andy Graham

This is my dream travel job, I could travel from country to country, and stay in Hotels that really care to become the best Hotel, and less lip service.

Tipping The Hotel Maid Or Paying Extra to Clean

You can really improve the quality of a Hotel room by supervising and paying the maid to clean better than normal.

10 Degrees Fahrenheit Closer to Hotel Room Heaven

There are hotel room that are naturally cooler, you can choose a better room, you can design the hotel better, and make more money.

Percentage of Friendly Hotel Staff by Country Or Region

I have lived in over 1000 Hotels in 15 years of perpetual travel and 90 countries.

The Left Hotel Does Not Know What the Right Hotel is Doing

Because the right Hotel does not know what the left Hotel is doing, they price of room can be over-valued or undervalued.

List Of Unacceptable Hotel Problems

Our collection of hotel problems, serious ones, you can refuse to check into the Hotel. Add ideas in comments.

Prices of Hotel Benefits, Listed Benefits

This is an attempt to show the list of Hotel benefits, and when they change prices levels.

The mission of this website is to create a checklist of hotel positive and negative benefits. Then place a value on each of them, whereby a person could perform an objective, honest appraisal of the value.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham Founder

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